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Main Services

Consultancy Training
Software Development Complete Solutions

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Consultancy Training
Software Development Complete Solutions


  • All types of image recognition systems
  • Through a tour of your site, we can discreetly identify deliverable cost effective automation solutions
  • Software design, and systems integration
  • Data flow strategies, and how to achieve real-time performance
  • Data processing and result viewing solutions
  • Management of software development projects

Consultancy Training
Software Development Complete Solutions


  • Image recognition software development
  • Systems integration
  • Binary and ASCII network communications, and file formats
  • Software project management
  • Website optimisation - optimise your website for search engines

Consultancy Training
Software Development Complete Solutions

Software Development:

  • Image recognition (machine vision) systems (measurement or inspection)
  • Artificial intelligent systems (self learning)
  • Expert systems (based on a list of rules to be obeyed)
  • Data processing engines and servers
  • Creation of mobile phone compatible websites
  • All forms of online traffic analytics (.mobi, flash, .tv)

Consultancy Training
Software Development Complete Solutions

Complete Solutions:

  • You identify the requirements, we provide a solution to meet those requirements
  • Discrete consultancy service available to assess what systems could be cost effectively implemented in your business

Image Processing Systems

At ForBrains Software we have experience in producing a number of different types of image recognition systems. We have developed various production line inspection systems, and systems for use in the automotive industry. We produce both optical measurement and inspection systems, to meet the needs of our clients.

We also offer a consultancy service, and if interested we will teach your staff on your site, about image recognition systems so that you can develop such systems in house.

If you want to do something with image recognition, we are probably the company for you.


Welcome to ForBrains Limited

We consult on software integration, and system integration design, strategy, implementation, testing and support.

We also develop (and may already have) image recognition software systems to meet your manual or automatic, inspection or measurement needs. If you require any form of artificial intelligence (intelligent software) give us a call.

Having the expertise and resources to develop high performance, reliable, custom software to integrate with your existing systems, designed to save your staff time and improve product quality, we could really make a difference to the future success of your business.

For a fast, efficient, friendly and professional service please contact us:

Telephone: 07703 184 699

ForBrains Company Profile

At ForBrains we take on small, medium and large scale software projects and offer a friendly, professional, cost effective service.

If you have a software problem you would like solving, we can consult with you and advise on means to meet your needs, then write a system specification for your approval. Alternatively you can provide us with a specification, and we will deliver the appropriate software. We work together at all stages to ensure a fast effective delivery of a fully commissioned system to you.

You choose the level of interaction that best suites your needs. We have experience of working with clients with varying levels of knowledge of software development and systems integration.

Telephone: 07703 184 699

07703 184 699